-Sun Jewelry Credit Card Authorization Form-
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1746 East Chocolate Avenue, Hershey Pa 17033
Phone/Fax: 888-743-1067

With all the credit card fraud that is currently taking place, it is necessary for us to verify that the card used is not stolen and is in fact your card. We also need to have your signature on file giving us authorization to charge your card for the specified order. We realize that some of the process we use to prevent fraud, such as this Credit Card Authorization Form, can be a bit consuming, but it is our hope that the tremendous savings you receive through our low prices are worth it.

Please keep in mind as you complete this credit card authorization form that the billing information must be entered exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. If the address you are requesting to have your order shipped is different than the billing address on your statement, you will need to call your bank to add the shipping address as an alternate address in their "Notes" section.

Upon our request or discretion, please be prepared to include a copy of the front and back of your Credit Card and photo ID with this signed form - (lighten it up to make it faxable) Fax to: 888-743-1067

This form authorizes Sun Jewelry to charge you/your company credit card. Your signing of this form represents your acceptance and agreement to the terms mentioned in this form.

Card Holders Name (Exactly as it appears on the card): ______________________________________________________
Card Type (Check one):
ڤ Visa  ڤ Master Card  ڤ Discover  ڤ American Express  ڤ Diner's Club
Credit Card Number: __________________________________________________ Exp. Date:  ___/___/___
CCV Value (Last 3 digits located on the back of the card; 4 digits for AMEX): _______
Bank Phone Number (Back of the card):____________________________________

Billing Address (Exactly as it appears on statement):

Shipping Address (If different from billing)


Signature: ______________________________________________   Date: _____/_____/_____                               

Special Notes:
If the shipping address is not listed with the issuer of the credit card, your order may be delayed for authorization.
I understand that Sun Jewelry charges a 5% restocking fee for any returned item along with any shipping/insurance fees incurred. If I am ordering a setting only order, I understand and agree to a 15% restocking fee along with any shipping/insurance fees incurred if I decide to return a setting only order.